God at work through camp!

Camping can include challenges like transportation arrangements and catering. These challenges can at times seem insurmountable, but we have a God who has no limits. In spite of the challenges or perhaps because of them (2 Corinthians 12:9-10 – my grace is sufficient for you)! – God enabled “Our Kids Camp” for the South Coast region of KZN to be a huge success, with 67 children having great fun, engaging greatly with God’s word and meeting in his presence through songs and prayer. To top it off several children gave their lives to the Lord.

Here are a few examples of how God was at work during the camp:

“Siphe” asked if it was Bible study now and when the answer was yes, he did a fist pump! Another day he asked if we were going to sing, with the same result. On the last evening, he surrendered his life to follow Jesus, along with 16 others. It was a great privilege to help them make this life-changing decision and of the 23 children who came forward, there were 17 commitments and 2 recommitments.

“Brian”, had been causing some problems for his leader. On the Thursday morning, a leader had to speak to him, as he had hit somebody. As they talked about it, he understood that he had a problem and wanted to stop doing it, but was struggling to do so. They tried to come up with some ideas to help him control his anger, even writing WWJD on his forearm. It ended with his praying and actually going and apologising to several of the other children. On the Friday morning he gave his life to the Lord and seemed genuinely interested in being baptized.

Another child came to speak about making a commitment to the Lord on the first evening. When asked why she had come, she replied with an answer so profound and genuine, that the leader involved was certain that she was going to make a commitment that day, before they had discussed in detail what it meant. (And she did, praying a prayer of commitment that night.)

Peter Nuttall
SU South Coast Fieldworker

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