Experiencing who God says I am

My name is Natasha Prince and I am an SU fieldworker. This month’s success story would be the girls’ camp that we did recently. It was a great success. Our theme for the camp was “Princess Diaries”. The aim of the camp was to remind the girls about who God says they are, as opposed to what other people say.

We talked about saving yourself for your husband and second chances. There were a few special speakers, including Dr Pinkie Ncula and Candice Arnolds (a former head girl form Booysen Park High).

We had a PJs party and pampering session too. On the second night we had banquet dinner where the girls dressed up and, as they were coming into the hall, we placed a crown on each of their heads.

They definitely felt special. After the dinner we had a time where we washed their feet. This was an awesome experience for them, God just took over. We are planning on having it annually. I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped out and sponsored some of the girls.

Thank you kindly!

Their lives have been touched in such a way that they will never be the same.

Natasha Prince
SU Algoa

General Director Vacancy January 2018

Scripture Union (SU) South Africa is a Christian mission and registered NPO (008-036) reaching out to the young people of South Africa with the Gospel

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