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Savouring the intimate moments with the Father on the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat on (a bicycle seat), my spirit has words and emotions for which my soul is still searching. Having completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 and looking back on it, it all probably started with a commitment between Tony Nzanzah (SU General Director) and me to do the race. Our idea got “life” as the following words were spoken over me each devotional morning: “Good Morning, my cycling partner”. Wow, I have been able to taste Proverbs 18:21!!




During my two months of training, I learned about perseverance, timing and sequence, and ordering my though patterns when tempted to skip a day of training. I learned to thank Abba when the mountain seemed too steep to climb and interceded for things which were not aligned with Him. I learned to stand up after I had fallen and overcome the fears of some of my incorrect belief systems. My perspective of the functioning of the Body of Christ has broadened; my life has been enriched with the fullness of “doing life” with the people with whom He has surrounded me. My adventurous experience on two wheels made my spirit come alive, mainly through my weekly appointment with the King of the Universe. Waiting in eager anticipation of the masterpiece sunset painting heading homeward was somewhat indescribable – He is the Painter of the skies… and He is the Painter of my multi-coloured life.

It was an absolute privilege cycling for Scripture Union South Africa as part of Bible Engagement’s fundraiser and I am truly excited what Father has in mind to accomplish SU Bible Engagement’s projects with young people and adults.

Lizaan Mouton
SU Financial Assistant

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