Welbedacht Holiday Club | SU Durban

Welbedacht Holiday Club

We had a brilliant holiday club this July. We had the South African Police partner with us: they spoke to the children about abuse, drugs and safety and each child was given a soccer ball. The highlight of the holiday club however was telling children about Jesus and having 20 of them open their hearts to Him. It was a “wow” moment for us. Somehow this time the children were so receptive to the gospel, to our stories and to the activities. Every day was filled with excitement and anticipation. Our volunteers, most of them new, were so passionate and enthusiastic which added to us having an exhilarating holiday club. We Thank God for His provision, protection and His presence. We want to see every child know Him and everyone open their hearts and lives to Him.

Abigail Pillay
SU Chatsworth

My name is Leigh and I was a 1st time volunteer at the Scripture Union Welbedacht Holiday Club.
I loved every moment of it! What an awesome experience!!! My group was so adorable and couldn’t wait for their lessons, their Bible stories and activities. I watched children come every morning in the cold, so excited to see us and their friends. I realize that when we make ourselves availble we can make a difference in the lives of these little ones. If we do not share Jesus, how would these children know Him? This one week of holiday club has changed my life, the way I see things and the need to make Jesus known. I will be availble for the next holiday club and the next… I want to make a difference.

SU Chatsworth volunteer

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Reaching that one child for Christ

Still at university and looking for adventure, we set off to Grassy Park in Cape Town to “do this thing” called Holiday Club. I had never heard of SU before, but I knew it would be a great adventure, with Charles Charmers, our youth leader at Bridgetown Presby, leading the way.

I was introduced to some incredible leaders who gave us a solid grounding in leadership and how to share the love of Christ with young children. Wow, what an experience it was with close to 500 children desperately in need of the Gospel and someone to show them that they matter, that there is a better way to live and that Christ loves them deeply and showed His love by dying on the cross for their salvation.

For some ,this had been the first and only time they had experienced unconditional love with no expectation of anything in return. Year after year, they would return to spend a precious week of rare fun and laughter, goodies, prizes, fantastic stories, drama, music, a friendly face and loving arms.

More than two decades later, having overseen training and development of thousands of leaders (some who now serve in Parliament, are TV personalities, DJs on radio, refs on the international soccer stage, run their own businesses etc), reaching tens of thousands of children with the Gospel and seeing unity in the Church through a common goal, I have only one regret: “that I couldn’t do more”.

The thing about it though is that, in the words of Christ Himself, if only ONE comes to know Him “the angels in heaven rejoice”. If you were to ask me, what is holiday club? I will, say that holiday club is about adventure, leadership development and unity in the Church, but most of all reaching that ONE child for Christ”.

Nigel Adriaanse
SU Holiday Club Crew Member

Social Media Savvy

On the 19th of March 2016, SU Pietermaritzburg hosted an event addressing the dangers of social media for children and presented tips for parents and caregivers on how to manage the online presence of teenagers and how to put systems in place to protect themselves from online predators. We had Ian Loots present solar power options to reduce electricity consumption and prepare for load shedding. Ian also presented a shopping saving option using one card at various shops.

The event was largely a success however many of those who responded did not pitch up at the event however those in attendance felt the evening was beneficial.

Summer Camp 2015 | SU Gauteng South

The year ended with a great two Regional Summer Camps which took place from the 10th-13th of December 2015, Activate for the teens and Super Heroes for the little ones. The camps were an incredible success with a total of 78 children in attendance from two Regions, Gauteng South and Gauteng North. On arrival at Stoney Ridge, the children filled the campsite with their excitement. Activate was the teenage group which consisted of 23 teenagers in total. Superheroes, which was the Primary School group, consisted of 53 children.

Algoa SUmmer Camp 2015 | SU Algoa

Scripture Union Gauteng North ran four camps; three for teens and one for kids with a total of 113 young people and Summer Special camp is for kids from grades 4-7. Our theme for this year was Unfrozen
(friendships). We explored friendships between Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan and finally ended with friendship with Christ based on John 15:13-14.

Enriching Experience on a Bike! | SU South Africa

Savouring the intimate moments with the Father on the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat on (a bicycle seat), my spirit has words and emotions for which my soul is still searching. Having completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 and looking back on it, it all probably started with a commitment between Tony Nzanzah (SU General Director) and me to do the race. Our idea got “life” as the following words were spoken over me each devotional morning: “Good Morning, my cycling partner”. Wow, I have been able to taste Proverbs 18:21!!

#oneshoeatatime | SU Pietermaritzburg

Pictured is one of the leaners from an underprivileged community who benefitted from the #oneshoeatatime project. One of the communities we serve through SU Pietermaritzburg was identified with children attending school without school shoes or with shoes that they have out-grown and some wearing their only pair of shoes they own. In addition to this they also have other needs; however we wanted to make a start and the smiles on their faces were so precious. Below is an excerpt from a letter sent by one of the schools we supported.

God at Work in Holiday Clubs | SU Western Cape

Daryl Henning Just a few weeks ago, 70 directors and coordinators from 35 holiday clubs gathered for an appreciation dinner at the Western Cape offices. What a night as we listened to testimony after testimony of the Lord’s goodness! Although I am well aware that numbers are not important, we had set out a bold prayer for 500 first time commitments this holiday season. Our theme for the evening was taken from Ephesians 3:20 “Now unto him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or think or imagine.” So by the time the 6th director had shared, I had already tallied up 494 first time decision… I decided to stop counting!