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Book Review | Out of the Black Shadows: The Amazing Transformation of Stephen Lungu

Stephen Lungu’s story is a testimony to the power of Jesus Christ to change lives. Abandoned by his mother at a young age and eventually living on the streets, Stephen survived by sleeping under bridges and scavenging food from rubbish bins. As

Count Me In

Count Me In is integral to SU in our training of Staff and Volunteers. SU is focused on enabling others and therefore we partner a large number of voluntary youth workers in South Africa to work at SU activities or to lead ministry in their communiti

FIVE reasons why you should be camping

Scripture Union has always believed and still does believe in earning the right to speak to the lives of young people. We believe that camping creates unique opportunities to build these relationships and also refreshing ways to communicate the Gospe

I <3 Volunteering

February… The month of LOVE! Let’s just say for a moment that instead of thinking “éros” love (Greek word meaning “love, mostly of the sexual passion”), we think “agápe” love (Greek word meaning “lo

Three creative ways of journaling

Once you have decided to journal, use these creative ways to enrich your journaling experience. 1. Photo Journal using Instagram For those who would like to try something different, use an Instagram account to document your journaling. With Instagram

Making journaling come alive

WHAT IS JOURNALING? The reality is that all our lives are full of journaling moments but because a large percentage of us not intentionally journaling, we miss and soon forget these moments. In the Old Testament, the Israelites had a unique way of jo

Get by with a little help: Why use Bible reading notes

I walked right past it. All senses were primed. My eyes were scanning the terrain. My ears were tuned. It was the reason I was there. But I still missed it. In a tree, not more than 40 metres from me, was a magnificent leopard. What a sight. A sight

SU Bible Reading Method

PRAY before you read, asking GOD to help you understand His Word. Open your heart to the working of the Holy Spirit for it is He who bears witness to Jesus Christ. Expect that God will speak to you personally. Spend time in personal worship. READ the