SU Campsites

SU firmly believes that camping is one of the most effective tools to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to young and old alike. Camping effectively enables a group of people to form a temporary community which is vital to creating a safe environment for personal and group growth. Relationship building is the key ingredient to enhance this growth process and as comfort zones are often enlarged on camping experiences the protection created by meaningful relationships is essential to this growth.

Scripture Union has always believed and still does believe in earning the right to speak into the lives of young people. We believe that camping creates unique opportunities to build these relationships and also refreshing ways to communicate the Gospel to young people.  Scripture Union has made use of camping for about 80 years in South Africa and we still see hundreds of young people committing their lives to God as a direct result of our camping ministry.

We have seen an increase in the quantity and quality of church camps in recent years and Scripture Union encourages the Christian community to continue this good work to help Christians grow in their spiritual lives and in their capacity to lead the church in the future. We make our camping centres available to other Christian groups when we are not running camps of our own. Some of our camping centres offer programming for school groups and programming advice.

  • Stoneyridge
  • Kadesh Barnea
  • Coatton Cottage
  • Glenhaven
  • Carmel Valley

For further information on camping and campsites you can contact Christian Camping South Africa.