Camp Havago – 2017

Thank you for your interest in Camp Havago. We are now back and are so grateful for what the Lord did on camp. I really value every prayer that was prayed. Your prayer was evident on camp and the Lord did work in our lives.

It is such a privilege for the boys who attended the camp to experience an amazing campsite with activities such as kayaking and sailing but also to be able to interact with men of God who sacrificially gave up time, energy and finances to be on a camp like this for a whole week. These men are showing the next generation what the love of God really looks like.

Gregg Goddard led me to the Lord 33 years ago and is still faithfully serving God on camps like Havago. Gregg is now part of an amazing spiritual legacy in the Clark family because Luke responded out of his own (with no pressure from me) to the gospel message and decided to tell Gregg that he needed to repent. I am so thrilled because repentance is such an outdated word and often left out of a call for salvation. Luke decided to repent! Hallelujah! Please pray for his continued growth in the Lord.

Another amazing story is about a young man who was caught cheating in our cross-country race. He repeatedly managed to slip away from taking responsibility for his actions and said to me that he was upset with his leader for “selling him out”. He said that winning was more important than being honourable and felt angry that he was caught. “I almost got away with it.”, he said. I felt the Lord wanted me to share with him a story I had recently read in a book. It goes like this…

“A man goes to his pastor distraught over a terrifying, recurring dream in which a ferocious lion kept chasing the man until he dropped exhausted and awoke screaming. Assuming the lion represented something fearful in the man’s life, the pastor asked the man to pray with him and on impulse asked him to recall the dream, even in all its fear. Hesitantly the man agreed and soon reported that, indeed, the lion was in sight and headed his way. The pastor instructed the man, “When the lion comes to you, try not to run away but instead stand there and ask him who or what he is and what he is doing in your life. I’ll be praying for you, “can you try that?”

Shifting uneasily in his chair, the man agreed, then reported what was happening: “The lion is snorting and shaking his head, standing right there in front of me… I ask him who he is and… Oh! I can’t believe what he is saying! He says, ‘I am your courage and your strength. Why are you running away from me?'”

I told this story to the camper and immediately he said, “I have had the same dream but with a Star Wars theme. In my dream, I get dropped on a distant galaxy and an enormous space ship comes to hunt me down but just as it gets near me I manage to slip away, every time. It is a recurring dream I have about once a week. The funny thing is that the space ship never shoots at me. Enemy space ships usually fire immediately.”
The following day after he had some time to think things over and chat to his group leader, he told me that he had the same dream during the night and that in his dream, this time, he did not run away. He told me that he has been running from God and has decided to stop running away. We then prayed together as tears rolled down his cheeks and he surrendered his life to God.
Once again, I want to thank you for your faithful prayers.

Praise the Lord that the Lion of Judah himself gives us the strength and courage we need to stand firm.

(former SU WEstern cape regional director)

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