Bible Reading Notes

Closer to God Annual

Closer to God (SA) is a southern African Bible-reading annual for adults. Most people know about God, but few get to know Him in a personal and intimate way. Closer to God helps everyday southern Africans meet God daily through reading His Word. Closer to God Annual (for adults, dated annual entirely by southern African writers)

Khula Annual

Building on the growth, Khula Teens is written by young South African Christian leaders. It deals with themes that hit the spot for teenagers and younger adults. This annual aims to speak uniquely to the needs of our southern African emerging leaders. It is widely regarded as the Bible-reading note of choice for Southern Africa. Khula Annual (for teens, dated annual, thematic and written by young people in Southern Africa)

New Khula Kids

Khula (a Zulu word meaning “to grow”) is a product aimed at helping our primary school children get growing spiritually, by starting a daily Bible-reading habit. New Khula Kids (in full colourwith great puzzles, for children 8-12 year olds, a fresh undated). Can be used individually or in any kids’ group – at school, church etc.

Come Along

For the very young, this Bible-reading tool aims to help those learning to read, to learn to read God’s Word at the same time. Local is lekker – and this product (as with all of our Bible-reading tools) is fully indigenised. Come Along (Undated booklets for 6-9 year olds.) Each book has 36 days of readings, linked to a particular theme: Christmas, Easter, Creation, Amazing Jesus, Kings, Jesus’ Special Friends, Abraham and Isaac Come Along and Colour books are available for Christmas and Abraham.

Khula: 100 days

Khula: 100 days (100 undated readings for new teenage / young adult Christians – brand new, revamped)

Khula: Getting Growing

30 days undated readings, newly produced for children who make a first-time commitment to following Christ.

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