2 Oceans, 3 Pitts | SU South Africa

Hou, bene, hou! If another person among the millions lining the Old Mutual 2 Oceans marathon route shouts this chirp, I may resort to violence… Can I squeeze out a smile, raise my sweaty arm in a wave? Grace. Only 2kms to go, the worst part of the race! Help me, Lord. OK, a last straight to the UCT fields – let me up the pace and end with what feels like a sprint… it’s over; where’s the coke?

What a great privilege to have good health, and be able to run and enjoy sport! Many of us really enjoy using our events and supporting a great cause (SU, of course) in the process. Somehow, doing this adds intensity to the build-up, the training programme, the targeted finish time… by putting our bodies through some temporary pain, we are raising funds that will help young people meet Jesus! Awesome stuff… we should be doing this every month.

Three of the Pitt family tackled the 2 Oceans half on 3 April. It was a GOOD race and Cath, Tegan and Alan finished strongly. The response of SU supporters was fantastic, and the race managed to raise the targeted R21,000 (R1,000 per kilometre). Thank you to all who gave, prayed and supported!

It is a simple, but hugely significant thing, to turn your events into small fundraisers for the ministry of SU. People out there seem quite prepared to give donations if you are going to go through some pain – strange, but true. So if you are a runner, cyclist, tennis player, ballerina, or whatever, you could play a role and turn what you love doing and your competitions into something more significant. Young people out there need the Lord: will you take up the challenge?

Alan Pitt
SU Operations Director

If you have a great idea you’d like to share, such as a race you’re signed up for, please share it – contact Alan on alan@su.org.za

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